Sunny Meadows Boer Goats

Breeding and Raising Blacks, Reds, Paints, Traditional, Spotted & Dappled Boer Goats


              This is average pricing.

Does & Bucks:     $200  & UP

Wethers     $65+/- depending on Age/Build

 ~~~Prices,  Boarding Fees, Terms/Conditions, ect.... are subject to change without notice.~~~

Terms/Conditions of  Sales Agreement

 25% Deposit to hold a goat(s)!   is NON-Refundable!

 Payment in full is required before any animal  leaves our property. May pay by check for deposit or in full but it must clear the bank before animal(s) go off property. If it bounces you the buyer are responsible to pay the bounce fee and at that point only Cash will be excepted

Boarding Fees  start 2 weeks after non-refundable Deposit is recieved or weaning which ever is first and                                               Fees are subject to change!

April 1 - Sept 30   $2.00 a day       Oct 1 - Mar 31  $3.00 a day

If an animal is NOT picked up by Date Stated and no call from buyer then I will see it as a failure to comply. This is a termination of sale agreement and the goat will be listed for sale again. I understand things happen but I do ask you to please call and let me know you need to change the pick up. Please don't  e-mail  if you need to change a pick update CALL because sometimes the e-mails don't go through & I may not see it!  I am not checking the e-mails every second of the day nor do I check them everyday!

In the event that something happens to an animal that has a deposit on it, the buyer will have first choice of others for sale at or near the original sales price. A full refund will be given if and only if we have no other equal in value goats available at that time or in the near future.

Health certificates and vet bills are at the buyers expense! 


1. Medical testing and Health certificates/Inspections required by the

Buyer or the State that goat(s) are going to be moved to.

2. Buyer is responsible for payment of all tests and health papers.

 3. All Tests are to be done before goat(s) are picked up.

 4. Buyer is responsible for registration transfer fees and or Application for registration fees.

All Test You want done must be paid by you and must be paid at the time of service to what ever vet that is used.

We accept  Cash  or *** Personal Checks****

Checks payable to: Sheila Cullum

****personal checks****** must clear the bank  before animal(s) is to leave the farm!

If you are paying on pick up date it must be cash.

   ~~~~ Bounced check fee is $50~~~~~~

Payment Meanings

Sale Pending = waiting on a deposit

On Hold = deposit recieved

Sold = paid in full