Sunny Meadows Boer Goats

Breeding and Raising Blacks, Reds, Paints, Traditional, Spotted & Dappled Boer Goats

Breeding to our Bucks!

We don't Breed to outside Does at this time!

We will bred to a Doe we are selling.    

Does must be 10 months & 100#'s before I will breed them to a buck .

Breeding Fees

Breeding to our buck is  

$400  per doe

This includes the breeding fee, boarding fees & Feed for 24 days in with the buck.

Doesn't include vet bills

A doe must go through one heat cycle after being weaned (which is about 7 to 14 days for that heat to accure) before breeding back to a buck. Does must be in good health (MEANING THEY ARE NOT UNDER WEIGHT FROM RAISING MULTIPLE KIDS).                 Goats being sold bred to a buck will be marked "Exposed" and will sell with service memo. 

Live Delivery of fetus(s) is NOT Guaranteed!

Lots of things can happen during 5 months of pregancy like pregnancy toxemia and other outside influances after goat leaves our property that could cause the loss of kids, Mom or both mom and kids. Transportation and new environments are stressful on any animal and could cause the loss of a pregnancy and the goats could get sick from being moved also. I can't predict what God and Nature have planned.