Top Show Pictures Top Show Pictures Sonya Ethan Showing Sonya at 2008 Mason Dixon Fair. Sonya's First show and She takes Jr. Championship and Open Resereve Championship. 54379555 Rambo II 2008 FARM SHOW 2nd in his class and makes farm show sale 22931362 Sonya 2010 139209669 Sally PA Farm Show 2010 Sally is pregnant with trips in this pic & About 3 weeks from kidding! 139211752 Pearl 2010 139209564 Angel 2010 139209563 Sally 2010 139209758 HB's Ribbon before Hershey ate it! Hershey is the tri-colored doe in the pic. They went back to their pens after this class & Hershey grabbed the ribbon through the bars out of Caitlin's pocket 139211027 Angel 2011 Farm Show - Jr Show After recieving 1st & then Caitlin getting master showmanship. 139087634 1st Sonya & 2nd Angel 2011 FS open Class 139211748 Angel York Fair 2011 Sr. Champion Doe 139211983 Angel York Fair 2011 Overall Championship Doe 139211981