Sunny Meadows Boer Goats

Breeding and Raising Blacks, Reds, Paints, Traditional, Spotted & Dappled Boer Goats



spring  breeding

All three confirmed bred through Ultrasound 

Liberty - 9/11 dappled buck   

Belle-  9/11 Red paint doe 

Juno - Due 10/3

Ursula - Due 12/24

Fall  2014 breeding 

Andy is owned by My friend Sandy Oberdorff. He is 99% buck who has neat coloring and is thick boned. He is a dappled tan paint with a couple of small black markings. He has Sam I am & cat in the hat genetics!

 These breeding's are subject to change!

Dream - A.I. Paint the Town Red 

Venus - A.I.  Sonny

Circe - Andy 

Diana -Cash 

Lady Ga Ga - Cash

 Aphrodite- Cash